Spring Prep 

Elementary School athletes are invited to join our Spring Prep program during the month of May. They gain access to our certified coaches and current Windsor Legion athletes, and can improve their skills for their school season. Follow this link to current information!

Run, Jump, Throw

Young athletes (aged six to ten) can participate in our Run, Jump, Throw program created by Athletics Canada. They will gain experience in a variety of event areas and have the opportunity to work with university athletes as their coaches. This program is offered during the indoor season and outdoor seasons, as long as enrolment exceeds ten athletes.

Junior Development 

Athletes aged eleven to fourteen that are interested in becoming more involved in track and field can join our Junior Olympian program. They will learn proper warm - up techniques and can begin to be introduced to a variety of events on the track and in the field.

Competitive (Full Year or Seasonal)

Athletes in our competitive program have access to year round coaching, as well as a wide variety of meets across North America. Fees include meet entries for provincial and national championships, as well as a variety of smaller meets, access to at least four practice sessions per week, personalized assistance with auxiliary training, and comprehensive explanations of training programs. Athletes in this stream have the opportunity to compete locally, nationally, and internationally, and travel and accommodations are subsidized by the club. (Available for athletes 12 years of age and older)

We aim to have a program to meet the needs of every athlete. Please read the program descriptions below to help you to make the best choice for yourself or your child!

Windsor Legion Track and Field Club

Cross Country/Fall Training

Athletes that only wish to run cross country can do so by attending practice at Malden Park any Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. Competitive and non - competitive programs are available! For athletes looking to gain speed or power without running cross country, fall training is also available!

‚ÄčTraining Only (Full Year or Seasonal)

Athletes in our non - competitive program are typically looking to improve their fitness level for another sport, or their ability in a technical event in track and field for their high school season. These athletes have the same access to coaching and training as the competitive group, although workouts may be altered to meet their training needs. Non - competitive athletes CANNOT participate in meets, as their Athletics Ontario insurance policy only covers practice.