Taneidra Cain - 200 mH (1st), 300m (4th)

Kiniw Cleland - 1500m (15th)

Lynnsey Copat - 800m (7th)

Noah Costa - 800m (8th)

Abbey Gibb - Long Jump (4th), Triple Jump (4th)

Keely Gibb - Long Jump (5th), Triple Jump (3rd)

Andrew Lanoue - 1200m (14th)

William McBride - 400m (10th), 800m (9th)

Ally Oulds - 400mH (2nd), 400m (6th)

Josh Woghiren - 200m (8th)

Ontario - Quebec Dual Meet

Abbey Gibb - Long Jump (6th), Triple Jump (6th)

AO Youth Championships - February 14 & 15, 2015

Girls Triple Jump                         Boys 3000 m

Keely Gibb (1st)                               Mitchell Ubene (3rd)

Erin Young (7th)                              Kiniw Cleland (10th)

Girls Long Jump                      Boys 1500 m

Erin Young (5th)                               Kiniw Cleland (16th)

Keely Gibb (10th)

Boys 200 m                             Boys 800 m

Jared Capaldi (2nd)                          William McBride (11th)

Brayden Houle (8th)                                

Daniel Panetta (16th)                      Boys 400 m

Malcolm Mussa (17th)                    Brayden Houle (4th)

Aaron Hunter (25th)                        William McBride (12th)

Boys 60 m                               Girls 400 m

Jared Capaldi (10th)                         Ally Oulds (14th)

Daniel Panetta (11th)

Malcolm Mussa (17th)                    Girls 60 mH

Aaron Hunter (22nd)                        Ally Oulds (16th)

Athletes in blue also recorded a new personal best in their event! Way to go everyone!

AO Combined Events Championships - February 7, 2015

Midget Girls Tetrathlon         Junior Women's Pentathlon

Jacqueline Turner (3rd)               Serena Hunt (2nd)

                                                       Reena Francis (3rd)

Youth Girls Pentathlon        Senior Men's Pentathlon

Keely Gibb (5th)                           Shawn Beaudoin (1st)

Youth Boys

Laith Al - Kinani - 200m (39th), 400m (28th)

Quinn Canella - 1500m (22nd), 3000m (8th)

Jared Capaldi - 200m (2nd)

Kiniw Cleland - 800m (44th)

Thamer El - Hussaini - 100m (41st), 400mH (13th)

Graeme Fisher - 800m (9th)

Brayden Houle - 200m (18th), 400m (29th)

Aaron Hunter - 100m (37th), 200m (43rd)

Brandon Marusic - 1500m (35th), 3000m (11th)

Will McBride - 400m (7th), 800m (24th)

Malcolm Mussa - 200m (27th), 400m (23rd)

Daniel Panetta - 200m (35th)

Patrick Quinland - 200m (15th), 400m (8th)

Adam Sghaier - 800m (15th)

Mitchell Ubene - 1500m (14th), 3000m (2nd)

Josh Woghiren - 200m (30th), 400m (4th)

4x100m Relay (3rd)

4x400m Relay (2nd)

Sprint Medley Relay (4th)

4 x 800m Relay (2nd)

Laith Al - Kinani - 200m (7th), 400m (7th)

Tanner Atkinson - 800 (1st), 1200 (2nd)

Adam Bekkal - 800 (2nd)

Sara Bekkal - 800 (5th)

Kate Boycott - 400mH (6th)

Michael Brown - 800 (3rd), 1200 (3rd)

Taneidra Cain - 200mH (1st), 300 (1st), 80mH (7th)

Arseniy Chertov - 2000 (3rd)

Kiniw Cleland - 800 (4th), 1500 (2nd)

Lynnsey Copat - 800 (2nd), 1200 (3rd)

Noah Costa - 800 (2nd)

Abbey Gibb - LJ (3rd), TJ (2nd)

AO Junior - Senior & BMY Combined Events Championships (June 12 - 14)

Keely Gibb - LJ (1st), TJ (1st), 100mH (7th)

Maya Hannagan - 1200 (1st)

Brayden Houle - 200 (5th), 400 (5th)

Ian Hunt - 800 (4th), 1200 (4th)

Aaron Hunter-100(9th), 200(9th), 400(11th)

Teagan Kukhata - 800 (1st), 1200 (1st)

Andre Lanoue - 1200 (2nd), 2000 (5th)

Maggie Marchenkowsky - HJ (3rd), LJ (5th)

William McBride - 400 (2nd), 800 (2nd)

Malcolm Mussa - 100 (4th), 200 (10th)

Ally Oulds - 400mH (2nd), 300 (2nd)

Daniel Panetta - 100 (3rd)

Ryan Patterson - 1200 (5th), 2000 (7th)

RCL District A Championships (June 19 & 20)

Youth Girls

Kate Boycott - 800m (16th), 400mH (DQ)

Keely Gibb - LJ (6th), TJ (5th)

Cheyna Hall - 100m (35th)

Sharon Ocheje - LJ (14th), TJ ()

Ally Oulds - 400m (19th), 400mH (2nd)

Zoe Sawchuk - 1500m (28th), 3000m (13th)

Adi Traore - 200m (22nd), 400m (11th)

Erin Young - LJ (10th), TJ (NM)

4x100m Relay (8th)

4x400m Relay (2nd)

Sprint Medley Relay (4th)

AO Bantam, Midget Youth Championships/Junior, Senior Combined Events Championships

RCL Provincial Championships (July 3 & 4)

Midget Boys

Michael Brown - 1200m (25th), 800m (20th)

Noah Costa - 300m (16th), 800m (12th)

Keegan Drouillard - 2000m (12th)

Ian Hunt - 1200m (28th), 800m (21st)

Evan John - Long Jump (2nd), 100m (16th)

Sean Mei - Triple Jump (4th), LJ (9th), HJ (9th)

Keenan Spence - 100m (24th), 200m (23rd)

4x100m Relay (3rd)

Junior Women's Triple Jump

Keely Gibb (5th)

Junior Women's 800m 

Fiona Rocheleau (20th)

Junior Women's 400 mH

Kate Boycott (16th)

Junior Women's 4 x 400m

Kate Boycott, Fiona Rocheleau, Adi Traore, Ally Oulds (2nd)

Senior Women's 400m

Genny Cyrenne (16th)

Senior Women's 800m

Genny Cyrenne (19th)

Bantam Girls Tetrathlon

Jacqueline Turner (2nd - new record!)

Junior Men's 200m

Jared Capaldi (6th)

Junior Men's 800m

Carter Day (13th)

Kyle Denomme (2nd)

Junior Men's 1500m

Carter Day (5th)

Kyle Denomme (3rd)

Junior Men's 110 mH

Ross Johnston (8th)

Junior Men's 400 mH

Ross Johnston (8th)

Brad Sato (6th)

Junior Men's 3000 mSC
Josh Kellier (3rd)
Enrique Nepomuceno (5th)
Lance Tofflemire (7th)

Lauren Pavelich - 2000 (2nd)

Patrick Quinland - 200 (6th), 400 (3rd)

Ali Sayed-Ali - 100 (10th), 200 (13th), 400 (10th)

Adam Sghaier - 800 (3rd)

Connor Sloan - 2000 (6th)

Korinne Sonneveld - LJ (3rd), TJ (2nd)

Karlie Stam - 80mH (4th), 200mH (5th)

Helen Suh - HJ (2nd)

Adi Traore - 200 (4th)

Jacqueline Turner - SP (1st), DT (1st), JT (1st)

Jessica Turner - 800 (4th)

Joshua Woghiren - 200 (2nd), 400 (4th)

Erin Young - LJ (4th), TJ (3rd)

Junior Men's 4 x 100m

Ross Johnston, Josh Woghiren, Daniel Panetta, Jared Capaldi (2nd)

Junior Men's 4 x 400m

Josh Woghiren, Patrick Quinland, William McBride, Graeme Fisher (1st)

Junior Men's Sprint Medley Relay

Jared Capaldi, Daniel Panetta, Kyle Denomme, Carter Day (1st)

Senior Men's 100m

Dylan Papak (31st)

Senior Men's 200m 

Dylan Papak (32nd)

Senior Men's 400m

Dylan Papak (22nd)

Senior Men's 1500m

Alexander Rocheleau (28th)

Senior Men's 800 m

Alexander Rocheleau (31st)

Windsor Legion Track and Field Club

Junior Women's Heptathlon

Reena Francis (1st)

Serena Hunt (2nd)

Senior Men's Decathlon

Shawn Beaudoin (DNF)

Bantam Girls

Jackie Turner - Javelin (2nd), Discus (3rd), Shot Put (3rd)

Bantam Boys

Teagan Kukhta - 1200m (6th), 2000m (5th)

Midget Girls

Lynnsey Copat - 800m (10th), 1200m (13th)

Abbey Gibb - Long Jump (6th),Triple Jump (7th)

Maya Hannagan - 1200m (6th), 2000m (3rd)

Maggie Marchenkowsky - LJ (14th), High Jump (5th)

Lauren Pavelich - 2000m (17th), 1200m (43rd)

Karlie Stam - 100mH (12th), 200mH (17th)

Jessica Turner - 80m (21st), 1200m (31st)

Chloe Walker - 1200m (9th), 2000m (6th)

4x800m relay (4th)

Sprint Medley Relay (3rd)

Bantam Boys 800 m

Max Fazecash (3rd)

Midget Boys 800 m

Noah Costa (8th)

Ryan Patterson (16th)

Midget Boys 1200 m

Andre Lanoue (10th)

Arseniy Chertov (17th)

Michael Brown (22nd)

Ryan Patterson (24th)

Midget Boys 2000 m

Andre Lanoue (6th)

Arseniy Chertov (11th)

Michael Brown (14th)

Midget Boys 60 m

Evan John (5th)

Midget Boys 300 m

Noah Costa (10th)

Midget Boys Long Jump

Evan John (2nd)

​Junior Mens 60 m Hurdles

Ross Johnston (5th)

Junior Mens 200 m

Ross Johnston (23rd)

Junior Mens 400 m

Graeme Fisher (11th)

Junior Mens 800 m

Kyle Denomme (6th)

Graeme Fisher (9th)

Enrique Nepomuceno (17th)

Matt Pardo (25th)

Aidan Snively (43rd)

Junior Mens 1500 m

Kyle Denomme (9th)

Enrique Nepomuceno (14th)

Quinn Canella (23rd)

Matt Pardo (29th)

Aidan Snively (45th)

Junior Mens 3000 m

Mitchell Ubene (3rd)

AO Bantam - Midget - Junior Championships - March 7 & 8, 2015

Bantam Girls Shot Put

Jacqueline Turner (2nd)

Bantam Girls 60 m Hurdles

Jacqueline Turner (4th)

Midget Girls High Jump

Maggie Marchenkowsky (4th)

Midget Girls Long Jump

Abbey Gibb (4th)

Maggie Marchenkowsky (9th)

Midget Girls Triple Jump

Abbey Gibb (4th)

Midget Girls 1200 m

Maya Hannagan (11th)

Chloe Walker (13th)

Lauren Pavelich (35th)

Midget Girls 2000 m

Chloe Walker (6th)

Maya Hannagan (8th

Midget Girls 300 m

Jessica Turner (11th)

Lynnsey Copat (26th)

Midget Girls 800 m

Jessica Turner (11th)

Lynnsey Copat (23rd)

Lauren Pavelich (26th)

Midget Girls 200 m

Karlie Stam (37th)

Midget Girls 60 m Hurdles

Karlie Stam (9th)

Junior Womens Pole Vault

Reena Francis (4th)

Junior Womens High Jump

Reena Francis (5th)

Serena Hunt (8th)

Junior Women's 60 m

Cheyna Hall (18th)

Junior Women's 200 m 

Cheyna Hall (27th)

Serena Hunt (35th)

Junior Womens 400 m

Kate Boycott (24th)

Junior Womens 800 m

Kate Boycott (19th)